Behind the Scenes of Rhinestone Shirts


Some of you are intrigued at how fast we can turn around your rhinestone shirt order based on our reviews. So we thought we would give you insight on how we process orders.  When we are having our stellar moments, we can turn a custom rhinestone order around and ship it within 24 business hours.  Of course we all know, how LIFE can get in the way sometimes and it takes a bit longer.  So our turn around time for most orders is 1 week, which is still pretty awesome we think!!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE creating custom rhinestone shirts and bringing out your sparkle!!

So how do we do it so fast? Between the 2 of us we divide and conquer.  Shannon is our designer and prints the templates we need to lay out the rhinestone designs.  She is a computer whiz and does a phenomenal job with your designs.  I, Krisha, handle all the ordering, email/Etsy conversations, invoicing, laying out the designs in stones, heat press the shirt, package and ship them.  We have our system down and we are very successful with processing all orders. If need be, we can cover each others jobs at any time.  Yes we are very versatile to help provide the BEST customer service we can.

We do understand good customer service.  We do our best to strive for the best customer service and custom rhinestone shirt designs we can for all of our lovely ladies.  No stops here from letting you bling bling bling your hearts away! It is totally OK with us to have a closet full of 2 Kraftee Chix original rhinestone shirts!!


DesigningAll designs are created through a special rhinestone design program to provide a digital proof for customer approval. All digital proofs of designs are complimentary.

PrintingOnce we get customer approval on the digital proof, we send the design to a special printer to cut the small holes on the sticky flock that create the design.

LayingA special brush is used to lay the stones into the small holes of the design. Then a sticky piece of plastic is laid over the stones, to pick up the stones laid out for that particular design.

PressingOnce the stones adhere to the sticky plastic, they are laid on top of the shirt for pressing and heat pressed at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds.

We look forward to helping your bring out your sparkle!!
Krisha & Shannon
2 Kraftee Chix