Cruise Rhinestone Shirts


We just got back from surfing the waves in the Atlantic Ocean on our very first Royal Caribbean cruise line Oasis of the Seas for our family vacation. July is our family month.  We load up our 4 kids, our spouses and leave the state to enjoy some fun family making moments!! Boy! did we have an absolute blast for an entire week.  We made 3 stops on the islands of the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten to enjoy some snorkeling, beach time, zip lining and enjoyed a swim with the dolphins.

If you look real hard you might have seen us blinging from the Atlantic in our rhinestone shirts.  We were definitely prepared to have a blinging great time!!  On the 4th deck of the ship we found this gorgeous blinging rock structure to capture this moment in our rhinestone shirts.  Check out this gorgeous blinging picture of us! Really brings out our sparkle, huh?!


The 2 of us are back home, creating custom rhinestone shirts and ready to help you bring out your sparkle!  We just released a few more cruise rhinestone shirts so check those out on our website at www.2krafteechix.com or visit our 2 Kraftee Chix Etsy shop.  Oh also, follow us on our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!!

Krisha & Shannon

2 Kraftee Chix