New Rhinestone Shirt Gallery



     We are so excited to announce our brand new 2 Kraftee Chix website gallery!! Our website has been remodeled and a large quantity of brand NEW rhinestone only designs to choose from are listed.

Our rhinestone design services all the ladies on planet Earth. Expressing our creativity through our shirts and helping others bring out their sparkle is our passion.  The blinging custom rhinestone only design creativity ranges from girl’s weekends, birthdays, holidays, mascots, schools, sports, clubs, businesses, churches, organizations, fundraisers, to wherever your blingy, creative mind will take you. These rhinestone designs can be pressed on tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, pants, underwear, bags, and bedding. We use high quality low lead Korean rhinestones heat pressed at the exact temperature for best quality adhesion to the apparel with NO complaints of our rhinestones falling off. Our exact technique and procedure we use brings about a high quality, blinging shirt to meet your desires. We take pride in our amazing customer service, quality of rhinestone shirts and speed of delivery to your door.

     You can order a listed design, add your own create to a design we already have or create a new design catered to your desires. We love getting design requests from you to help us achieve our creative outlet.  You come up with the best blinging ideas!! Contact us TODAY!!

Happy Blinging!!
Krisha & Shannon
2 Kraftee Chix