Volleyball Season is Around the Corner


One of my favorite sporting seasons is rapidly approaching, VOLLEYBALL!! I have played since the 7th grade and now my daughter is about to start her 6th year of volleyball. In fact, my husband and I met playing beach volleyball at the young age of 16/17.  25 years later we still play, but mostly cheer our daughter along on the side line.  Me, I am in my volleyball bling.

We have a really great volleyball rhinestone design line!! Your volleyball player will be able to spot you right away in the stands with your bling shirt on. Take a look at our rhinestone design options and place your order on our Etsy shop. Have your own idea? We can create a custom rhinestone design just for you or add to a rhinestone design we already have.  The volleyball rhinestone design on the pink shirt I am wearing in the top picture was requested to add a name and number. Then our customer picked her shirt and rhinestone colors of her choice. VIOLA!! Her own custom rhinestone shirt!


The possibilities are really endless.  Pick your own rhinestones design or create your own, chose your shirt color, chose your shirt style, your rhinestone colors and we do the rest. When you design your own custom rhinestone design, we always send you a FREE digital proof for approval before we accept payment and process your order.  We pride ourselves in a 1 week turn around shipment.

To all the volleyball moms out there, we hope your daughter has a great competitive season!!  Volleyball RULES!!

We look forward to helping you bring out your sparkle!!

Krisha & Shannon

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